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Twin™ Scanning

Twin™ Scanning

TWIN™ SCANNING is an automotive scanner with an “O” Frame type mechanical structure to measure in transmission mode. More than a standard traditional scanner, this one patented by Electronic Systems uses a unique measurement method.  Two sensors equipped with an independent drive are fitted onto the scanner. In addition to ensuring it will operate even in the case of a malfunction, it has a number of advantages for system calibration and quality and speed of the production line response.

Double read rate during scanning System designed to obtain accurate and fast automatic controls.
Self-calibration during production without interruption of reading.
Extremely stable sensor shift systems with high mechanical life.
Completely fail-safe system: operating even with one sensor only.

TWIN™ SCANNING is an exclusive and fast  method for cross-sections evaluation, particularly suited to reduce material waste, mainly when the production process requires fast and precise adjustments.

The TWIN™ SCANNING automatic scanner is equipped with the following measure sensors belonging to the product range of Electronic
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