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Production line, commonly denominated as “Rework Line” design to process to rubber sheet shape after filter it (filter is a process option), rework tire components like treads and sidewalls, by means of combine control utilization of mills, straining by gear pump and
palletizer equipment (batch off).

• Sheeting process: rework tire components are feed by means of a conveyor into a cracker mill and after that automatically transported to a homogenizing mill, and consequently to a feeding mill, finalizing the process in a sheeter mill. After that is cool down and palletizer in a batch off equipment.

• Filter process (1st option): same as sheeting process, but before material be transferred to the sheeter mill is filtered by means of a gear pump and a strainer head.

• Filter process (2nd option): Case material is already in a sheet format and is necessary only to filter. Process is starting by means of a batch feeder conveyor directly in the homogenizing mill. After that same process as steps before.

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• Layout can be work out according the available space using 3D design tools
• Automation & control using possible different solutions as Siemens or Rockwell
• Turnkey installation possibility or supervision base


• Prepared to strain final batch compound with a max output of  2,5 t/h
• Prevent strange material coming from the “workoff” to appear in compounds, green and cured tires
• Sheet the Sidewall and Innerliner work-off, increasing the mixing capacity by not using that time in a mixer equipment
• Recover for normal use not approved compounds with strange material or cured rubber (scorch)
• Space restrictions in the mixing room. Sheeting process of “workoff” compounds (tire treads and sidewalls) creates conditions to storage in automatic • • warehouse (high bay storage) or standard shelving
• Sidewall output increasing by straining critical compounds offline
• For plants using cap strip process machines, increasing of the output by filtering the material in advance and offline
• Clean batches coming from mixing line with scorch, reducing scrap
• Low maintenance equipment, due the “friendly” maintenance solutions developed
• Line easy to operate


Industry application Rubber

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