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REFLEX is an automatic scanning unit with “O frame” mechanical structure to measure in reflection mode.
A reference-roll, on which the material is leaning, is part of the structure.

Easy and compact structure with high resistance to mechanical vibrating stress.
Protection covers easy to remove during the
mechanical maintenance.
Sensor sliding system with high mechanical and long lasting stability.
Rectified and balanced measurement roll, equipped with low friction bearings.
Easy to assemble: adjustable inclination.

REFLEX is a scanner designed to stand extreme working conditions; thanks to the easy and compact stainless steel structure it is reliable and efficient. During the scanning phase, the sensor is driven by linear guides with relative supporting elements and sliding sleeves.
The scanning speed is adjustable and the sensor is positioned with high accuracy.

REFLEX can be easily integrated on existing
structures without any substantial modification.
Moreover in case of particular requirements
(for example, low material tensions or minimum winding angle) the reference roll can be motorized or synchronized with the production line speed.

REFLEX automatic scanner can be equipped with the following measurement sensors included in the range of Electronic Systems products:



Industry application Coating & laminating, Composites, Paper, PVC calendering, Rubber, Sheets & foils

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