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PREXISION is a measurement sensor (X-Soft), X rays low emission, one of the most popular and effective methods for film and sheet control.

High protection container, solid and compact, for any type of industrial application, even in dangerous environments.
Use of low emission radiations
High accuracy standards, reliable and simple to use.
Equipped with microprocessor: measurement treatment and conversion and support during data transmission through “Profibus”.

PREXISION series measurement sensors can be used without the standard authorizations required for detention and use of radiation sources. The properties of the radiation generator and its electronic check up allow both artificial emitted energy modulation and numerous functions of measurement optimization. The structure of the container, the quality of generators, the radiation shielding and geometry and all the other details, have been studied with extreme care and attention to ensure the highest level of safety while operating. The sensor can be personalised depending on specific needs required by the application:

• Edges detector
• Modification of the Gap through material passage and measurement Spot
• Temperature probes for air compensation

PREXISION sensor is assembled on board of the following screening devices with its own reference roll between the ones included in the range of Electronic Systems products:


Industry application Nonwovens, Biax extrusion, Blown film, Cast film, Sheets & foils

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