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MICROWAVES is the on line sensor suitable to measure the water content in a wide range of different composition materials.

For this scope it profits by the characteristic interaction of the water in the microwave S band of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The sensor consists of two distinct parts, placed opposite one another at a certain distance, through which passes the material foil to be measured.
These two parts are acting as a resonant cavity for the microwave signals used for the measure.
This sensor is suitable to measure the water content of all no-metallic foils.

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Three different models are available to cover a wide range of applications:

MICROWAVES low humidity range
MICROWAVES H high humidity range

High protection container, solid and compact, for any type of industrial application even in dangerous environments. It can works in combination with ISOSINT basis weight gauge to give the humidity percentage in the foil. A simple mechanism allow the manual alignment of the two resonant cavities, for the model MICROWAVES it is also available the option for the automatic alignment.

The MICROWAVES is equipped with an IR temperature probe to measure the foil temperature.
An Edge Detectors can be mounted on request.

HYGROSINT sensor can be assembled in board of any O-Frame scanning device available in the range of Electronic Systems products:


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