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Laser Swan RFX

Laser Swan RFX

SWAN LASER is a reflection gauge engineered for direct thickness measurement.
The gauge uses a combined technology lASER-InDucTIVE with a patented auto calibration method.


Automatic reference roll tracking system
Extremely durable and mechanically stable sensor shift system
Probe suitable to be pressurized to keep the LASER optics cleaned
in heavy industrial environment
Protection against accidental contact with the material being measured
Simple and compact structure with high shock resistance
Suitable for measuring wide product in an extremely wide thickness range


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SWAN LASER is installed on scanners equipped with reference roll for measurement in reflection mode, where the same roll represents the zero reference to determine the measurement values. Is used for flexible materials guaranteeing a good adherence to the reference roll. Depending of the application, a security system to detect lumps and/or extra thickness (lump-detector), external to the measurement system could be used.
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