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I.R. / Digilayer RFX

I.R. / Digilayer RFX

The IR measurement sensor of the DIGILAYER series measure on line and without contact the thickness of the barrier layers present inside multi-layer films.


Ideal for the measurement of clear stretch film.
Designed for installation in industrial environments
also characterized by the presence of dust, fumes, etc.

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Infrared radiations are the measurement method employed to determine the thickness of the materials like PP, PE, LDPE, etc.
The module of measurement, composed by an emitter and a receiver, is installed on a standard I-bean scanner. The sensor management and the profiles display on the operator console of the measurement system is completely integrated with that of the total measurement. The sensor can be personalised depending on specific needs required by the application:

  • Edges detector of the film
  • Automatic correction of the profile of total thickness


Industry application Cast film

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