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Our extensive experience using web inspection with Flexin systems has shown that often the defect detection creates a problem, i.e. What to do with detected defects? Thus a web inspection system, like Flexin, is just the first step of a global web inspection solution. Electronic Systems has produced a complementary system called Flexout to finish the job by creating a real web inspection solution.

The Flexout inspection system can be applied every time  a big roll is produced. The roll can then be cut into slits or rewound where defects need to be removed  post production.

A standard solution is to install a labeler so the defect can be marked directly on the web, but this solution requires an operator that continuously checks when the labels are coming and slows down the slitter in advance to find the label position at the  slower speed.

A similar result can be achieved by looking at the defect map saved by the Flexout web inspection system. Electronic Systems has many years of experience working together with slitter operators during Flexin startups.

The experience of Electronic Systems has been included in the Flexout system to make the defect removal process easier and faster by using a statistical approach and dedicated tools.

The Flexout system will automatically stop the slitter at the defect position. By using statistics from day to day operations, it learns how to find the defect positions in a more accurate, safe, and timely way

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