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The Flexin entry level software assure the following real time performance:

• On-line defects detection
• List of defects images
• Defects reel-map
• Defects counters devided by dimensions and type
• Trends

The system is able to detect and classify the defects according to the parameters that have been established. It is possible to enable/disable the visualization by different typologies of defects and/or their dimensional class. The map of the bobbin can be printed out automatically and the relevant data can be sent to the production management system of the factory


The system comprises a number of CCD cameras, with an integrated PC and Frame Grabber, one or more lights placed on the line and one operator console for visualization and quality control.
The defects are detected in real time and shown on a map which indicates the relevant class and types. It is also possible to include alarms, displays trends and/or counters.
The FLEXIN’s architecture is designed for Windows, it is very adaptable to any industrial requirement and user friendly.

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