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Essair™ Reflex

Essair™ Reflex

ESSAIR™ REFLEX is a measurement technology, patented by Electronic Systems, ideal for direct thickness measurement without contact.

It does not make use of any type of radioactive sources
Direct thickness measurement expressed in micron or mm
No contact with the material
Automatic calibration system

REFLEX is installed on scanners equipped with reference roll for measurement in reflection mode, where the same roll represents the zero reference to determine the measurement values. Is used for flexible materials guaranteeing a good adherence to the reference roll.

The sensor can be personalised depending on specific needs required by the application:
• Edges detector
• Security system to detect lumps and/or extra thickness (lump-detector), external to the measurement system

ESSAIR™ REFLEX sensor is assembled on board of the following screening devices with its own reference roll between the ones included in the range of Electronic Systems products:



Industry application Coating & laminating, Composites, Paper, PVC calendering, Sheets & foils

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