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Controls & Iguard

Controls & Iguard

The set of measurements is automatically organized and represented by diagrams and numbers. All graphic processing has be created to be immediately analyzed thanks to specific symbols and colours. Moreover, specific buttons on the touch screen allow fast browsing through data areas. Authorized users are always able to intervene and set a customised configuration, change scale and unit of measurement, display details with cursor, zooms and tracking systems.

Universal configuration for all Electronic Systems control and measuring systems
User interface developed in Windows® environment
Great data management capacity
Easy coordination of data management areas
Easy and fast consultation with symbols and colours

Electronic Systems is able to offer several automatic controls packages for different application types. The main ones are:

• Auto Roll is used to control right andn left gaps in calendering lines
• Fast start permits simultaneous adjustment of left and right profiles
• Cross axis adjusts roll position
• Roll Bending
• Take off

• Automatic control of thickness profile to adjust material flatness
• Average thickness control

• Ring evolution allows material flatness control in blown film lines
• Bolt tracking system measures thickness in blown film lines measuring the profile directly on the double film


IGUARD is the specific software package for the operators and their managers to control, manage and display data


Industry application Coating & laminating, Nonwovens, Adhesive tapes, Biax extrusion, Blown film, Cast film, Composites, Extrusion coating, Paper, PVC calendering, Rubber, Sheets & foils

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