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Complete plant

Complete plant


All process variables can be used for data collection and tracking systems. Electronic Systems also provides a teleservice system
and maintenance staff training courses


Electronic Systems uses control systems based on PLCs produced by world leading manufacturers among whom:

• Siemens
• Rockwell (of whom we are “Recognized Systems Integrator”)
• General Electric
• Schneider
• Omron
Signal shift and acquisition use the most widespread field buses such as:

• Profibus
• Profinet
• ControlNet
• DeviceNet
• Modbus
• Ethernet/IP
The machine user interface is built using local operator panels and SCADA systems based on market leading packages:

• Siemens WinCC
• Intouch
• RSView 32
• GE Cimplicity

Industry application Plastic Extrusion lines, PVC calendering, Rubber

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